Senior Triathlon Maps - 2018 maps coming soon

500 beach swim: On beach below Gaol. Location depends on tide, currents etc. 7 wave starts 5 minutes apart.

25km cycle: Leave bike compound, push your bike to the top of the road and ride along Cardwell St, turn right into Wilson St and continue along until you reach Russell St, turn left and ride along to Lighthouse Rd, turn left and continue along until you reach the turnaround point near the 60km sign, return the same way back to the Russell St intersection where you will turn around and go back to the Lighthouse Rd turnaround for lap 2, come back to Russell St then turn right and ride back to the Gaol, turn right just before the Gaol carpark and onto the top road, continue to the carpeted dismount area half way around the bend near the drink station. Dismount and push your bike back to the bike compound.

6km run: Turn right from the bike exit and run along the left hand side of the road and continue past the drink station around the base of the Gaol to the stairs, run up the stairs, turn left and run down Cardwell St to the entry of the Bridle trail at the bottom of the hill, follow the trail through to the road and follow around past another drink station at the duck pond, continue through and turn left back into Carri St and follow the road along joining the footpath back at Cardwell St, continue along the footpath to the entry of the Fishermans Hut track before the German bridge and run along to the next drink station, turn right and follow the track back to the beach, turn right and follow the beach back to the finish line.

     Race Directions

Senior Triathlon Run Map


Junior Triathlon Maps - 2018 maps coming soon

Races 1 & 2 take place on the beach below the Gaol, with the exact location and layout determined on the day, taking into account the tide, currents, water depth etc.

Race 3 Milo Micro Triathlon

 Race 4 Milo Mini Triathlon

 Race 5 Milo Junior Triathlon